For Recruiters & Talent Seekers

To Recruiters & Talent Seekers contacting me (Oliver Schoenborn) about current or potential opportunities, please contact me ONLY if you can answer YES to all of the following regarding this or future opportunities:

  • Opportunity has at least 2 out of these 3 : terraform, kubernetes, python

  • It involves mostly linux

  • It involves at least one of AWS, Azure, GCP

  • It is remote (once-in-a-while site visits are ok, like a day or 2 per month)

  • It can be c2c: I contract through my corporation.

Thank you for your understanding!

Last updated: July 22, 2021




As of latest update, my expected availability is

  • For half-time and hourly: mid-August 2021

  • For full-time: Uncertain

Connection Requests

I accept LinkedIn connection requests only from people I have met. You are welcome to book a video or audio meeting through my Calendly. Link back to my LinkedIn.

Skills & Experience

Only contact me about work that involves

  • automating cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM, etc) via terraform, python, pulumi and bash

  • automating application/micro-services deployments via docker, kubernetes, helm charts, python, bash and CI/CD

  • setting up, managing and extending (via Golang) kubernetes clusters

  • migrating (Rust, C++, Typescript) legacy web apps to kubernetes

  • coaching on any of the above

Permanent Employment?

Contract & consulting work only, through my corporation Sentian Cloud Computing Inc. My business can be hired directly or through other agencies such as Toptal, The AIM Group, GSquad, etc.

Rest assured: I have never dropped a client! I finish all work and I have several repeat clients.

Relocation, On-Site work

I am happy to visit the workplace when necessary, but relocation is not possible. Note: I have been doing remote contract work for 3 years thanks to tools like Zoom, Slack and Teams.


Weeks, months, a year, open-ended. There is no minimum requirement from my side and you can end the contract on short notice for whatever reason (funding, change of direction, etc), as long as what is due gets paid.


I am a Canadian citizen.

However I have worked for US companies through agencies like Toptal.

Security Clearance

Higher than Reliability. Talk to me for details.


I have Professional Liability Insurance and I am a member of the APCC (Association of Professional Canadian Consultants).