Hello. I am Oliver Schoenborn, owner and founder of Sentian Cloud Computing Inc. Welcome to the public pages of my cloud devops automation business.

As you may see from my linkedin profile, I have a significant amount of experience in software engineering and devops and would love to discuss how I could help your business/employer/team. For the past 3 years I have been focussing on the following:

  • Cloud infrastructure provisioning automation: via terraform (soon pulumi and cdktf), Python, bash (soon Go & Rust), infrastructure as code

  • Deployment and delivery automation: via CI/CD such as jenkins, spinnaker, github actions, bitbucket pipelines, helm charts

  • Kubernetes: cluster provisioning and management, helm charts, migration of legacy or docker-compose apps to micro-services in kubernetes

Although I am located in Ontario, Canada, 99% of my work can be done remotely thanks to cloud consoles and tools like Slack, Zoom and Teams.

For further details on the type of work I can take, my availability, etc, please have a look at the page that applies to you under From LinkedIn in the left sidebar.


Oliver Schoenborn Cloud DevOps Engineering Contractor/Consultant Ottawa, Ontario, Canada